Hello. December has been wonderful to us so far especially the arrival of Noh Bazil( Ezira&Matin's precious lil boy). As for our lil family, we enjoy every moment here at Nusajaya. Lili's cracking us up more and more, we've gotten in a lot of outdoor activity lately including strolling along Puteri Harbour, watching movies, and etc.
I still can't believe it's already near the end of 2013. Anyway,let me photographically catch you up on the last couple of weeks. well, kinda.


  1. welcome to johor kak pi !
    i'm one of your silent reader yang dah tak silent lagi hih

    mesti selalu pegi jj bukit indah ni , dekat tu ngn nusajaya !
    take care sis !

  2. thankyou my dear! u dari Johor ke?

    memang selaluuuuuuuuu sangat pegi jj bukit indah. tak sah la 2 kali seminggu. hehehhe.
    u take care too ok. btw, thx for reading my rojak blog. hehehe

  3. hahah , a'ah , orang pontian je , dokek beno dengan jusco tu hihi :)

    happy new year sis ! :)