So cold yet so fun

Thanks to this 70ringgit pool for entertaining lili for hours yesterday. Next time I think i'll join in, since lili pun always "mama jom shwim,jom'.



Johor has been treating us nicely for the past 3 weeks. Rase sekejap je since we moved here early nov. Belum ade chance jalan Singapore yet. Next month perhaps. This friday my family will come for a visit and jalan-jalan cari makan. So yeay! I miss them so much dey!. 


Look who's back

Hello my ultimate readers ( if there's any hehe) ! Oh my, its been a year since i left this blog. I miss blogging! Blame on instagram and twitter for made me neglected my blog. So much going on! Banyaaaakk sangat nak update with u people. Will start blogging back andddd i try my best to update as much as I can.

My family and I already moved to Nusajaya,JB. Akim accept a job offer at Singapore, so we rent a house at Nusa Sentral,Nusajaya. Its a new housing area and its quite peaceful. We love it here. Lili pun suke. Oh, lili dah bosar panjang! hehe. Will leave u guys here with her pictures. I promise ill update more. Xoxo