Rizq Thaqif turns one!

Well well hello everyone! Assalamualaikum. Im back! hehe. Sorry for being silent for about 2 months ( or so ).Just so you know, Lili and i are doing goood alhamdulillah. We are very active via twitter and instagram. There are no specific reason why I suddenly off blogging for awhile. Nevertheless, I miss you all people! 

This post below have been in my draft since forever! sorry thaqif momma p lambat post.I hopeee its not too late for me to wish you here : HAPPY ONE YEAR OLD QIF. 
*Attended Thaqif first birthday party held at Khairi&Fara's house last 2 months. Theme : Bow tie & suspenders party. Good food and fun party! miss u fara. 
Lili so cranky.


  1. heyyyy welcome back... i've been missing lili chan u know.... pls update more pics of her. hehe

    1. hey Dina! Thankyouuuuuuuuu. Lilichan dah besar! nanti i update her latest photo okay. miss u and zabi!