Lili chan is almost  a year. For those who had been wondering hows she looks like at 11 months..im presenting you. my dalili husna.. Still chubby and giggly.


This is another lateeeeeeeeee post of mine. Please bare with me. ehe. As you know, im not good at story telling, so lets picture do the talking okay?
Venue : Cherating, Holiday Villa.
Date : Somewhere in May?
Event : Annual Family day (my side)
There are tonnes of pretty picture, but im so lazyyy (virus attacking ). Furthermore this is a very old post. You guys might get bored. 


Rizq Thaqif turns one!

Well well hello everyone! Assalamualaikum. Im back! hehe. Sorry for being silent for about 2 months ( or so ).Just so you know, Lili and i are doing goood alhamdulillah. We are very active via twitter and instagram. There are no specific reason why I suddenly off blogging for awhile. Nevertheless, I miss you all people! 

This post below have been in my draft since forever! sorry thaqif momma p lambat post.I hopeee its not too late for me to wish you here : HAPPY ONE YEAR OLD QIF. 
*Attended Thaqif first birthday party held at Khairi&Fara's house last 2 months. Theme : Bow tie & suspenders party. Good food and fun party! miss u fara. 
Lili so cranky.