Happy mothers day

My mom is a SAHM ( stay at home mom ). Finding a babysitter or a maid is not easy back then, so she decided to raised us up with her two bare hands. She quit her job just after she had me and my twin. She will pick us up from kindergarden/school/tuition, prepare us the best breakfast/lunch/dinner ever, took us to playground/malls, cheer us up whenever we feel down/sad, look for us if we fall sick, and moreee..more than i could imagine. She's always there whenever we need her. Till now...♥ Happy mothers day to you mama. You are the best mama i ever had.

I love you so much and you really inspire me. I miss you every single day. Thank you for everything mama. I love u loads.
*kiss hugs*

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  1. thats exactly what i plan to do before i even had thaqif. :) SAHM RAWKS!