Happy weekend everyone!

 If Lili could talk, i guess she will say this..


Happy mothers day

My mom is a SAHM ( stay at home mom ). Finding a babysitter or a maid is not easy back then, so she decided to raised us up with her two bare hands. She quit her job just after she had me and my twin. She will pick us up from kindergarden/school/tuition, prepare us the best breakfast/lunch/dinner ever, took us to playground/malls, cheer us up whenever we feel down/sad, look for us if we fall sick, and moreee..more than i could imagine. She's always there whenever we need her. Till now...♥ Happy mothers day to you mama. You are the best mama i ever had.

I love you so much and you really inspire me. I miss you every single day. Thank you for everything mama. I love u loads.
*kiss hugs*



One of ezrina's friend drew a picture of my lili. I cant believe my eyes when I first saw this picture. After browsing some of his artwork, all I can say is that he's one genius talented guy! Two thumbs up for hafizdetroit. Its a beautiful magnificent portrait of lili. ( even though lili is not smiling )
source : hafizdetroit IG


Mothers day celebration

We celebrate mothers day at one utama yesterday. Only girls. Its an advance celebration for us. Had lunch at Hokkaido sushi and tea time at Delicious. We really had fun especially Lili being oh so darling yesterday. Happy mothers day in advance mama! we love u so much full stop  



Those who had been following my blog (thankyou!) can also follow me via instagram. You can find me at Efiranazri. Hows Mei treating u guys so far? Mine alhamdulillah awesomeness.



Labour day,went to moi house. She cooked us(my family) lunch. bihun sup moi is da bomb. Later, visit jot&ninie's newborn at puchong. Takdelah newborn sangat, their baby already 3 months. Busy always pending nak jumpe. ehee. all pictures taken at jot's came out blurry. uh huh. 
2nd of mei. My pretty baby turn 9months. Alhamdulillah healthy and cheeky. hugs!