Yaya's engagement

I feel bad! Cuz lambat post this entry. Even Ezrina & Farra & Puteri already post about yaya's engagement. Sorry ya! too busy too busy. Anyway. last sunday is the most tiring day for me. hehe. Ezira's engagement! Everyting went well Alhamdulillah. I yang tak well. I had major food poisining. I cant even remember how many times i run to the toilet. Mmg worse. But i gave my best effort to make sure everything went smoothly. Eventho ade byk hiccups here and there. :P Yaya look extremely pretty, thankyou so much pwetty puteri. I had fun catch up with u. Teman u makan pun kire fun lah kan? hehe. And pwetty farra, we need to have a major playdate with Puteri. Tak puas betul kan. Thaqif so fair and handsome! Melttt. 
Because i down with stomach-ache, camera pun entah kemane. Dengan lili moody cuz i always pass her around. So gambar pun tak banyak! T_T Luckily my gfs pandai bawak diri. hee, sorry erin,anya,eyka and ruzey i dont spend much time with u girls. 
To yaya & matin, congratulations!! A bit impressed with u guys cuz u guys proved that long distance relationships works well. heh. Even tunang pun Matin is not here kan. Make sure kawen nanti ade ;)
Cant wait for yaya's big dayy! this year ade 2 major wedding! one is yaya another one is my bestest friend ( too excited cuz im the maid of honor ). p/s : Lili nak adik kene delay sikiiiit okay sebab momma banyak event this year.  Nex year ok? Together with mummy ya & plum. hehe.
Sebab sakit perut memulas mulas, tudung pun jadi mcm hape je. hihi. 
Congrats again yaya & tin tin ! love u guys!


  1. her wed in dec rite?congrats gorgeous yaya,sweet jek her E-day :)

  2. erin pun nk kawen dah ke? coz u ckp plum..hihi

  3. thanks p! what a lovely post.hee time kawen mesti la matin kne ade,if takde ya bwk je ustaz don,haha kidding muahs!