Weekend updates

Setup two buffet last weekend. One is for an engagement ceremony and another one is for a birthday party. Alhamdulillah received good reviews/comments from both party. Yaya and I were trully exhausted but we are satisfied with it. Thanks wanie and nabeela. xoxo.


  1. everything looks yummy here..sure will call u if i want to throw a birthday party for my kids..btw wannna ask u something, ape software u pakai to attach few pictures together like u did above?is it instagram?tq dearie :)

  2. Oh my ure such a sweetheart dear! Thankyou.
    Oh, bukan instagram, if collage i pkai photoscape v3.2. U bole download and ade lots of collage to choose from. Its easy peasy. Nnti u try k. Btw, i ade instagram too. ;)