So much things happen around me this past few days. Captured & insta some pictures from my tab/bb/olympus :
1. so hot kan nowdays. popsicle really made my day
2. When yaya came and visit.
3. Lili loves if i rub her ear
4. Peek a Boo !
5.Her favourite pose. 
6. Dont u just love daiso?  
7. One fine evening
8. Before her usual nap
9. My boyfriend/husband
10. Fish fillet 
11. Abah sloppy kiss. poor lili. hehe
12. Love my new zebra scarf from peacock
13. Mummy ya and mummy yong
14. Me & my girl


  1. P, i kalau pegi daiso, konon2 nak spend rm1o or less je. sekali......dang! haha..daiso pandai tau sedut duit orang :\

  2. Mmg pun u! I pg daiso i beli brg yg i rase betul worth it for rm5. Hihi