Weekend updates

Setup two buffet last weekend. One is for an engagement ceremony and another one is for a birthday party. Alhamdulillah received good reviews/comments from both party. Yaya and I were trully exhausted but we are satisfied with it. Thanks wanie and nabeela. xoxo.


What's in Lili's beg?

for a day out. 
(1) lili's skiphop owl bagpack. (2) lili's extra suit, pyjamas, socks and a small towel. (3) Lili's essentials. (4) Flusk for hot water, plain water in a tumbler, bottle, formula milk powder, and nuby's nibbler (5) a bowl+spoon for feeding, - i normally store a nestlac cereal in a small tupperware. (6) bib and small handkerchief (7) wet tissue and plastic begs (8) diapers. she's using pet pet fyi. (9) a rattle to distract her while changing her diaper and lastly extra pacifier. 


busy weekend for us..

Happy weekend everyone!


Tuesday with love

Hayyy! Salam readers. Im currently in Subang. Yesterday updates : Early morning drive from sg buloh to subang with lili, pickup mummy ya and head ourselves to damansara, had lunch at IKEA ( will update about the rm100 challenge later), brain freeze at NZnatural, cuci mata at Daiso, and bought aidijuma bawal scarf. :) IKEA,ikano,curve,ou are much more fun on weekdays! Before kahwin memang selalu sangat (almost everyweek) hangout with yaya here. And now lili join in the fun! 


Ikea MYR 100.00 challenge

Im going to challenge myself to only buy these items below in my next Ikea trip. all items are for my kitch. we'll see..


SUNday SUNday

Went gombak yesterday, my mil house. The weather sooo hot kan yesterday?
Need to drink lots of water. Alhamdulillah my baby girl loves air suam and she drinks alot. Mama je tak suke air suam. hehe. So yeah lili had fun time in Gombak yesterday. She miss her nenek already. :D
My camera runs out of battery and i left my charger back in Subang. So there are not much photo been taken yesterday. You know i love to take pictures!
Tomorrow lili & I balik subang , hooray!  This week might be a hectic week for me and yaya. 2 candy buffet for us to setup on saturday/sunday. :) InsyaAllah we can do it !
Yesterday pictures : Buckle up. here we go!
eh, why so gedik ?



Thursday with love

10 things lili

1. Her family
2. Her smelly blanket
3. Eat, milk and poo poo afterwards.
4. Disney Junior
5. Zombie, monster or anything scary ( its true! )
6. Bathtime + rubber duck quack quack
7. Yummy icecream
8. Playtime with friends
9. When mama sings
10. Put on new clothes


Al farrel is uno

Attend Al-Farrel first birthday party last sunday. Good food,fun people,perfect weather. Captured tonnes of picture, but sadly most of the pictures are blurry, babies cant sit still! ade je nak usik sane, goyang sane sini.
So,to make it short, again...
MUCH love from me,lili & akim.
p/s : Thaqif, u're next !!
oh, and lets playdate mommies. ♥



What's popping?

Fresh strawberries
1/2 tablespoon of sugar
1 cup of fresh milk
Blend it well
And pour into your popsicles mould
The tastiest strawberry pop u ever made.


Ma & Pa anniversary

Celebrate tokpa n wanma 28th anni at citta mall last saturday. Yaya made a rainbow cake for them. Just a quick dinner but we had fun ( as always, lili being the clown ) We loveee u so much ma&pa! 


Truly inspired

so inspiring! maybe not for u, but for me. 
source : thedesignfiles


Sissy day out

Sister days out with yaya and kakyong last monday as kakyong took a day off. Too bad evana cant join us. Maybe some other time. Had our lunch at Tony Romas cineleisure.
Happy tummy and lili slept all the way home.
Drop by kakyong's crib before headed homee.