Things pp love

My favouriteee pastime. Create things that i love @ polyvore. Follow me if u had one.

things pp love
Current favourite 1. Classic kettle 2. Aldo wedges 3. Bodysuits !! 4. Bubble tea 5. Sushiiiiiiii 6. Baby utensils 7. Baby books 8. Bookshelf 9. Ikea colourful pots


  1. i am going to ripped this! hehe

  2. Me too yong!I'm so gonna ripped dis!

  3. i have polyvore. tapi i sendiri lupe i punya password and username.sayang gila!!

    cute lah all the stuff! i pon suka that classic kettle. kat pavi ade byk kettle cam tu kan?

    one question, i was wodering, what software u using to do this? last time im using In Design. But now laptop dah kene format so semua pon dah hilang.if u dun mind sharing... :)

  4. hi dear,

    try pinterest! :)

  5. moi : ripped jgn tak ripped!

    yaya : u too ya!

    mrs k : yayyyi!! u dah ade polyvore baru. hee.
    classic kettle ade kat pavi? nape i tak penah nmpak? ngee, sebab i penah pg pavi 4 kali je. itupn i pg typo.

    i xfaham lah yang pasal software ni. i just create thru online. u boleh buat kan?

    wa : yup! tak penah try, but looks fun dear!