Seriously no job.

Again, akim asked me to cut my hair short, super short. He said ill be good. 
Cant imagine myself with super duper short hair. 
Then it hit me. I should makeover myself! So I spend the day with makeover and experiment with all sorts of hair via Taaz.com ( my favourite virtual makeover website-the makeup are so realistic) So funn, easy and hilarious at the same time!! 
i look so funny and so cheeky bam bamm with short hair. tak kesah lah kan, afterall I pakai tudung pun.
I wear a Halle berry hair !

p/s : putri, u should try this, there are lots of makeups arranged by brand and i bet u can pull it off.


  1. cute!u rambut ape pun cute lah. last time mase i nak potong super short pun i used Taaz. memang dilema frm super long to super short. Now dah 3 years, baru panjang ini.

    be bold! :)

  2. Hehehe. Everytime i tgk pic ni i gelak tau. I think if in real lg worst! Taaz best kan, tp i xde passion makeup2 ni, itupun i terlupe apply lipstick n mascara, sebb xsabar nk apply the hair.

    Ur hair panjang sgt cantik! I stalk post lame u. Hihi

  3. Oh thanks Pp!! Kat sini rupanya I tgk kawan-kawan I makeover anak anak diaorg! haha thanks again! btw you'll rock that look because you have a jaw line there! not too worry! love it!

    1. hehe, i pun penah makeup lili kat TAAZ.com.
      thanks dear!! i should giv it a try.