Mugs to die for

Mug to die for

so tempting


Favourite pictures of the week

A bit busy this week, cant blog much. Time is way too precious nowdays! Lili & I balik subang tomorrow. so YAY !


Seriously no job.

Again, akim asked me to cut my hair short, super short. He said ill be good. 
Cant imagine myself with super duper short hair. 
Then it hit me. I should makeover myself! So I spend the day with makeover and experiment with all sorts of hair via Taaz.com ( my favourite virtual makeover website-the makeup are so realistic) So funn, easy and hilarious at the same time!! 
i look so funny and so cheeky bam bamm with short hair. tak kesah lah kan, afterall I pakai tudung pun.
I wear a Halle berry hair !

p/s : putri, u should try this, there are lots of makeups arranged by brand and i bet u can pull it off.


Off pink and blue

Yay! i love weekend! Altho everyday is pretty same to me. hehe. Stayed subang this weekend. Supposed to attend my dear friend Mira 25th surprise birthday party but sadly lili is not feeling very well. Sobs. Baru excited wanna meet Mira,yaqeen,n all my good old friend. Anywayyy, I went to subang parade just to had my breakfast there but ayayayayyy godaan syaitan telah mempengaruhi momma to have a look whats new at Mothercare andd YAYYY I managed to not buy anythingg !

Ok, i lied. I bought lili bubble toys. So tempting because of the colour and price! so cheap got 50% discount. How can i not buy meh? Now all I need to buy now is a pool. 
hey, this is minee.


24years back

lili backkk then. hehe.
yaya & I when we were 1 yrs old.
no wonder lili pun rambut sikit.


April, come to momma !

I cant wait for April to come. Reasons why :

 ♥ Mummy ya's E-Day ( means, i got to spend a day with my ultimate girlfriends erin,anya,eyka & ruzey! rindu gils! ) 
 ♥ Sewing class begin ! 
 ♥ Finally, my dry kitchen will completely furnished early April.
 ♥ Lili will turn 8. ah, what ajoy.
Ramai betul sedare mare Akim ingat lili is a boy.
Almost 20 orang tanye bende yang same first time jumpe Lili. Ade yg second third time tengok pun tanye bende yg same.
" Lelaki ke perempuan ?"
" laa, ingatkan lelaki, muke macam lelaki"altho its really obvious a girl cuz lili is wearing a dress but without headband.
kalau mcm boy pun, boy yg handsome kan kann? hee


Update updatess!

Hi ! salam. Macam biase, how's ur weekend? I hope u guys had fuuun. Just a quick update sebab I sepatutnye have to pack my/lili's stuff nak balik Johor. Akim's nenek meninggal dunia. Lili's moyang. 
So,to makes thing quick, i just post several pictures taken last 2 days.
We're not going anywhere pun last weekend. Akim mesin rumput sebab our garden(hehe, mcm ade je garden) dah penuh dgn lalangs.


too excited pls?

okay, mama mane lah yg tak excited bile ur precious baby will turn 1 ! tp maybe im over excited cuz lili just 7++months. hehe. Its going to be a rubber duck theme party insyaAllah. But this year celebrate family2 only cuz lili birthday bulan ramadhan. so the party gonna be *rubber duck 1st lili birthday party cum berbuke puase* WORD! hihi
 0. Rubber duck rubber duck !
1. Sprinkles everywhere. yumm !
2. Yellow cushions
3. orange juice for berbuke?
4. Just a simple yellow cake by mummy ya
5. Yellow attire everyonee


hallo sexy

YUMMY. Smelly lili wants to take a bath. So mama thought nak buat a bit photoshoot of her. But she seems to have no mood at all.
No wonder she's a lili bit moody. She's sleepy! After bath,mama bagi je blanky busuk and paci, trus zzZzZz.



Random Thursday

Fiuh. Sangat penat ini hari. But still I gagahkan diri to write a post. ehee. This morning I went to Subang. Drop by at subang parade and met Fatin. She bought both of my varsity jacket. :D Then terus balik rumah ma&pa. Hangout with my family for awhile. Lunch there. Petang sikit drive balik rumah, sempat singgah few baby shops. Mandikan lili, fed and play with her. Masuk dapur dan bersilat masak dinner. Akim balik n said he's hungry as a lion cuz he skip his lunch. Akim plays with lili. Then put lili to sleep. Dine with akim while watching back to the future (good old movie). After makan, sidai kainn. ( I suke basuh baju malam then sidai kat living room. hoho ). Lepas tu baru lah boleh shower! and rilex depan computer. yayy! Hows your day treating u?
oh,here are some pictures taken today.


Things pp love

My favouriteee pastime. Create things that i love @ polyvore. Follow me if u had one.

things pp love
Current favourite 1. Classic kettle 2. Aldo wedges 3. Bodysuits !! 4. Bubble tea 5. Sushiiiiiiii 6. Baby utensils 7. Baby books 8. Bookshelf 9. Ikea colourful pots


Rob the robot

Hi, assalamualaikum. Hope u guys are not boring with me, cuz u see, im trying to atleast write a post every day. hee. Anyway, nowdays always hujan je petang kan?. I usually bring lili for a walk/stroll every evening after bathtime ( lili mandi at 5.30-6pm everyday ).
And now macam dah jadi routine lili makan while watching rob the robot since tak bawak die jalan-jalan petang. And to my suprised, Lili suke sangat tgk rob the robot. Sengeh mcm kerang busuk all the wayy. Sampai makan pun so-so. Selalunye bukan main marah lambat suap. Paling geram kalau time suap tu die gelak habis tersembur sembur and time tu lagi die suke tgk mama marah.  *sabarjelah* 

Girang betul kan.


Pre-loved Varsity up for grab

Hi ! Im sellling off my Bershka varsity jacket. Still brand new and trust me i only wore it once. Very in good condition, 10/10. Size S. Fits UK 6-8. Available in red/white & black/white in colour. Price to let go, ONLY MYR 80.00 each! And if u take both, only MYR 150.00. Retail price RM 130.00 each. Please PM me at ( efiranazri@yahoo.com ) or direct sms me at 012-3620433. Will send it to u via pos laju ur cod area subang/puchong/damasara.


Carnival wedding

Attend gujie's ( cousin ) wedding last weekend. Survived only 1 hour cuz lili hates wedding. She screamed just before the ceromony starts. Puas pujuk die tapi takmau juge. Tak makan rasuah ini budak. Memang boleh merosakkan wedding orang tau lili ni. hehe. Tapi cant blame her cuz that day she skip her afternoon nap and she hates loud music. Andddd, lili ni penakut orangnye.


Cotton candy

Ohmy, look at her, she's growing so fast. As fyi, lili sleeps early everynight. Pukul 8 dah sleep. And thats when i miss her so much tau. hehe. Rase geram je nak kejutkan die.
Alhamdulillah, Lili tido lena everynight. Wanna know why?
Mama bagi makan sampai kenyang while watching rob the robot. That's why!