You see, im too lazy to write. hehe. Lots of things happen last few days. Luckily i always have my olympus pen anywhere i go or do. Its just came in handy. 
The bride & the groom. noo! Lili and the groom. Mummy yong's closest friend wedding. And he's our MC during my wedding ceromony last 2 year. ;)
Akim sooo rajin, he made sambal kicap+belacan+cili api untuk dicicah bersame mangge mude. and I made cempedak goreng for hi-tea. yummys
Parents just came back from India. and like always, bought us lots of cool souvenirs, but this handmade mobile cot is my Favouriteeee! cant wait to hang it. Lots of cats, ahhh so cutee!!
Sexy legs? haha. Made felt pumps for Lili chan. My first attempt. Alhamdulillah muat! hehe
Anddddd.. I made this mustache cushion for Akim. 


  1. cute kungfu shoes..hehe..rajinnya sew!!!owh n now i terliur tgk mangga muda tu,used to crave for it masa preggy dulu

  2. suzie : hehehe. i mmg takde keje nak sew je. oh my!!! my favourite too time pregnant!!!!