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HI. today rase nak share something with u guys. Sorry if my entry very the mix languange and tak faham. Wanna share something that i believe most mother encounter and have problems with. -Body/weight issue after deliver-

As for me, Im obses of being skinny. Not easy to maintain it. To be one also its not that easy. I can be fat, and berisi but i choose not to, why would i?
Most mother whine about their body after deliver, believe me, ive gone thru that. The very first day, i dah risau, why on earth my tummy tak flat?. Baby dah keluar, air semue dah keluarrr. Allah je tau betape down nye i that time. Mmg sangat gemuk and buncit, even nak pakai baju kemeje pun tak muat bile nak butang part perut. Just like i carry another baby tau. But just nak sedapkan hati, so i fikir "maybe because i c-zer so organ/tissue dalaman semue bengkak".First week of berpantang, akim yang tolong i shower. Die lah yg tolong lap2 ( xmandi cuz luke kene kering ) and sikat rambut. That time, ya Allah malu sangat nak tunjuk my body kat die, tak pernah rase semalu tu, ( sebelum ni mmg tak penah malu ngan akim , hehe ). My tummy so buncit, very dark ( gelap and hitam ) and penuh dgn cotton yg tutup luke operation. Mase tu redha lagi tapi i knew i had to do something, afterall we're woman! Have to maintain pretty and hot, not for others to see, but laki sendiri! aceceyy.
so azam nak kurus start on the first week i berpantang. And yes, i managed to get back in shape, now officially weight 38.9kgs with 163cm tall. BMI tak perlu cerite sah2 underweight .Happy? yes, but now akim pule asyik pot pet why im so kurus, okay, itu topic lain.

So mommas, i wanna share u some few tips on how to get skinny. This is solely my personal advises, its a bit hardcore ( ya, cuz im obses of being skinny ) please dont follow if u are not comfortable with it or agaisnt it. We womans, body lain lain aight?

Yang ni i tak perlu cerite, boleh je google nak tahu why breastfeed helps reduce/lose weight. Its proven. :D
BF ! ( and anmum too ) hee. Lili dah start campur. 

Ok. Yang ni wajib ! I started to wear bengkung hari ke 5 berpantang. I tak pakai yang ikat-ikat, belit-belit tu. Nak sebut pun dah buat i rimas. I wore bengkung moden which u can buy it online. http://www.bengkungmoden.com/ Cost me about rm300. Costly, but worthy! I wore it almost every freaking day ( confinment day ). And before pakai i apply jel mustajab extra hot, im sure u know. Tepek je around ur tummy, bawah peha and betis. And pakai benkung ketat gile sampai susah nak bernafas. Tak tipu, the tighter the better. i c-zer and i dont see any problems with it. so i bet normal delivery moms pun okayy. Pakai dari pagi sampai malam. Nak tido sambil pakai pun boleh. And u will see the result,trust me. 

p/s : those who wants to borrow my bekung can pm me. efiranazri@yahoo.com

Best makanan pantang? Best kannn. I suke. Lebih2 lagi my mom pandai masak. But my mom always advised me mase pantang, " P, makan nasi jangan bertambah, banyak tu je. Klau nak gemuk, tambahlah ". Haaa, segenggam nasi die hidang. Tapi lauk ikan besar. Protein bagus expecially bf moms. I drink lots of water, milk and yogurt drink. Memang kurang makan sangat mase i pantang. Kalau lapar i byk makan biskut and minum. 
After pantang please jangan makan macam orang tak mkn sebulan ye kawan2. cukup ala kadar je.

Okay, this is my favouuuurritteee ! You guys exercise tak? push ups? jog? lompat bintang? Kalau tak exercise mmg susah nak kurus. 
Tapi kalau tak exercise pun takpe, pegi shopping mall sile kendong anak. Jangan bagi laki kendong. Mcm in my case, i sengaje beli baby carrier ( baby bjorn ) shocking pink in colour, cuz i know im the one yang nak pakai. The heavier the baby, the more u burn your calorie !!

Enough sleep and be happy
Yes. Well at least sleep well. And stay happy InsyaAllah u will stay fit. Dont stress yourself. Play more with your children. and hubby ehem. :D

yikes, i will continue later. there's actually more. too sleepy. xoxo


  1. acc after confinement i tros xpantang..bedal je ape yg i nk makan...n serious...my tummy damn buncit..thanx darl...u motivate me to diet back...hee..

    serious rase malu lak ble mr sapic seen how buncit am i...heeee

  2. fiiiiiiii! u ni tukang bomoh ke apa? i br je beli korset dkt cosway last 2 days! seriously it works! I google apa taw, i tulis rahsia perut kempis selbriti. lepas tu keluar pakailah korset. hahahaha.. so i beli, perut i mcm menurun.. tidur pun i pakai. nnti i nk try pakai bekung pulak lah. thanks fi!

  3. hmmmm i think i shud try bengkungmiden ni. i beli corset cosway je. tp mcm x best sgt. thnks 4 sharing. ;)

  4. jeles tgk efira kurus. period! heheheheh...

  5. dear my friend pp,

    first of all i nak ckp thanks sbb sepanjang i berpantang u suke bagi tips especially yang bengkung n pki girdle ketat2 tu..n mustajab tu..hahaha..dayah pun ckp the same thing tau! n mmg menjadi..now ayden pun dah 5months and im happy to be me..

    just that, i tak jumpe lili lagii..hope i can see her

    miss AA

  6. Wow. your weight below 40, i can't remember when the last time I weighted below 40! Babe, as for me. I'm obsess of being skinny too.. But I know myself well, kalau I kurus sangat mmg tak cantek and my ass lepir giler. I baru habis mission tak makan nasi for 12 days and mmg menjadi. but unfortunately, after that 12 days. i makan macam tak makan sebulan!! i am still b/feed though. Anyways, Bila I dah pikir masak2 sendiri, I don't wanna be skinny, i just wanna maintain and be healthy :) All the best! thanks for sharing. I hope I'm not too late to bengkung! oh and yeah! my stretch marks are so scary..