1. Finally received ! Andrew James ultimate flavours cotton candy sugar. Received this from my goodfriend Daya all the way from UK. Thanks Love!!
2. A gift for Little miss Lili from Little miss ambreen ( Daya's daughter ). Lili loves her liverpool pacifier. InsyaAllah we'll visit u there!
3. Potato begedil for dinner
4. Lili with her books. Thanks mummy yaya for the books .
5. Playing with Little Ponny. Thanks autina for the ponnies.


  1. i wish my 2nd child is a girl n as cute as lili (mesti kena tgk gambar lili byk2 baru boleh terkenan :p)

  2. Farhana : thanks u

    Suzie : amin amin. My friend anak die tembam n gebu, die kate jenan ngn lili. Hehe