mama mama mama

Over the moon when i heard lili goes "mama mama mama". And i knew she really means it. Not like "ama ma ma uwaa". hee. Mama is like her new favourite word, besides abu ( i think she refer to abah ). Anywayyy, how y'all like my new bedsheet? Obviously lili loved it. Bought it at IKEA yesterday ( the cheapest i guess, rm79 ).  Mummy ya just went back, she stayed at my house for 2 nights. Its so good to have her around. Please come over again and again and again!
Just a quick snap at IKEA. We had our brunch there and i ate their new chicken rice. Suprisingly, its so yummiah!
gulp ~!


  1. we went to ikea also on monday!!! were you???

  2. Putri : i went yesterday dear! Best kan pg weekdays. Xramai org.

  3. lili dah pandai ckp ke?alaaa bila la i nak dgr ilyas sebut mommy

  4. normally kids lebih senang nak sebut mama...

  5. Suzie : soon! My friend anak die dah pndai sebut momy mase 10mos. I guess momy payah sikit nak sebut.

    Anon : true. ;)