Ezrina new love

Went to ezrina&wan's new crib at sri penchala last weekend. Congrats on your new home mommy yong and daddy wan!
Lili and tokpa !
naked lili & daddy wan !
lastly, lili and mama !!


  1. omg ive been looking for those letter blocks kat ur sister's house. if u dun mind, can u ask her where i can get one of those? nak cari letters spelling 'ZABI AYDAN' hehehehee...

  2. same la dina.. i pun nk cari wooden letter tu..

  3. Dina : hi dear. Lets go there, its my fav shop. Zabi n lili can double date also. Hehe. I bought tonnes of letter but till now blum hang it to the wall. Hihi. Its a shop at pavi,typo.

  4. Farhana : yup, best kan wooden letters. Tp yg tu besar, klau nak colourful n small dekat cotton on kids. Comel sgt ! Rm5 only.