mama mama mama

Over the moon when i heard lili goes "mama mama mama". And i knew she really means it. Not like "ama ma ma uwaa". hee. Mama is like her new favourite word, besides abu ( i think she refer to abah ). Anywayyy, how y'all like my new bedsheet? Obviously lili loved it. Bought it at IKEA yesterday ( the cheapest i guess, rm79 ).  Mummy ya just went back, she stayed at my house for 2 nights. Its so good to have her around. Please come over again and again and again!
Just a quick snap at IKEA. We had our brunch there and i ate their new chicken rice. Suprisingly, its so yummiah!
gulp ~!


...little broken hearts

a HUGE fan of Norah Jones.  cant wait for her new album to release. Just listen to Happy Pills and it really made my day!


What's im my beg ? ( part II )

Currently, here are pretty much what's in my beg. Not much different from my last what's in my beg ( part 1 ).
(1)C&K handbag & purse (2)Blusher,eyeliner. (3)Car/house keys (4)Handcream (5) BB handfon (6) Personal diary & a pen (7) Miyami diy casing compact powder (8) Lipbalm (9) Galaxy tab (10) Lili's bib+handkerchief+pacifier+teether.

Im tagging u guys so I can see what's in ur beg. hee!
1. Ezrina
2. Ezira
3. Yasmin Aman
4. Farra Rahman
5. Putri Rex


Husna my love

Husna after shower. xoxo



Fetch plum today and lunch at subang parade.Tag along mummy yaya and Lili.  Heck, i miss u so much alreadyyy la plum !
All time lovers ; lilichan-mummy erin-mummy yaya  


Subang again

Im currently in Subang. Akim outstation again. He's very busyyy. Luckily Subang is not that far from my house. So lili have no problems while I drive back & forth. Anyway, might try cloth diaper on Lili. hm.


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HI. today rase nak share something with u guys. Sorry if my entry very the mix languange and tak faham. Wanna share something that i believe most mother encounter and have problems with. -Body/weight issue after deliver-

As for me, Im obses of being skinny. Not easy to maintain it. To be one also its not that easy. I can be fat, and berisi but i choose not to, why would i?
Most mother whine about their body after deliver, believe me, ive gone thru that. The very first day, i dah risau, why on earth my tummy tak flat?. Baby dah keluar, air semue dah keluarrr. Allah je tau betape down nye i that time. Mmg sangat gemuk and buncit, even nak pakai baju kemeje pun tak muat bile nak butang part perut. Just like i carry another baby tau. But just nak sedapkan hati, so i fikir "maybe because i c-zer so organ/tissue dalaman semue bengkak".First week of berpantang, akim yang tolong i shower. Die lah yg tolong lap2 ( xmandi cuz luke kene kering ) and sikat rambut. That time, ya Allah malu sangat nak tunjuk my body kat die, tak pernah rase semalu tu, ( sebelum ni mmg tak penah malu ngan akim , hehe ). My tummy so buncit, very dark ( gelap and hitam ) and penuh dgn cotton yg tutup luke operation. Mase tu redha lagi tapi i knew i had to do something, afterall we're woman! Have to maintain pretty and hot, not for others to see, but laki sendiri! aceceyy.
so azam nak kurus start on the first week i berpantang. And yes, i managed to get back in shape, now officially weight 38.9kgs with 163cm tall. BMI tak perlu cerite sah2 underweight .Happy? yes, but now akim pule asyik pot pet why im so kurus, okay, itu topic lain.

So mommas, i wanna share u some few tips on how to get skinny. This is solely my personal advises, its a bit hardcore ( ya, cuz im obses of being skinny ) please dont follow if u are not comfortable with it or agaisnt it. We womans, body lain lain aight?


Happy pills

someone please bring me here. not because im not happy, just for a keep. incase, u never know.


Dress up

mummy ya came yesterday. And she played dress up with lili. Lili is wearing her purple stripe dress and pink tutu dress. more pictures of lili will upload soon. xoxo

Toast Bread

This post was supposed to be last week post. hehe. Minum petang with wanma and mummy yaya at subang parade. Yes yess, subang parade is like our 2nd home. :p
Presenting you, the naughty version of lili.
I know, naughty right? And here is the good girl version. much better,



 1. Finally received ! Andrew James ultimate flavours cotton candy sugar. Received this from my goodfriend Daya all the way from UK. Thanks Love!!
2. A gift for Little miss Lili from Little miss ambreen ( Daya's daughter ). Lili loves her liverpool pacifier. InsyaAllah we'll visit u there!
3. Potato begedil for dinner
4. Lili with her books. Thanks mummy yaya for the books .
5. Playing with Little Ponny. Thanks autina for the ponnies.


Spread the ♥

Hi all. Just a quick recap. Last tuesday, Lili and I went to tokpa's house in subang. Kidnapped them all ( tokpa,wanma,mommy ya and auntina ) to subang parade and treated them nandos. Thanks to mummy ya as well. I cant remember when was the last time i had nandos, ages! even before i had lili ! So u can imagine how i dig those chickens and appetizers. And thank Allah cuz lili slept all the way. * I dont celebrate valentine, this is just a family lunch treat *


Ezrina new love

Went to ezrina&wan's new crib at sri penchala last weekend. Congrats on your new home mommy yong and daddy wan!
Lili and tokpa !
naked lili & daddy wan !
lastly, lili and mama !!


Play Tent

On a very fine weekend. 
me : b, nak buat fort like these for lili bole? 
hubby : *looking at the pic below via my tab*. Boleehh.
me : oh. okayy.. ( am i dreaming ?? )
hubby : nanti i cr kayu tu dulu.
me : YAYYYYY! ok, u cr bamboo tu, i buat canvas tu k. then kite letak right at the corner of the living room ok?. *exciteeedddd*
hubby : okayy. 

And for this ,
source : google images



Last week Lili & I accompany akim to penang. He had projects at Usm penang. Spent most of the time well u know in the hotel room. hehe. But boy we had fun. We eat and sleep and eat and sleep the whole week! Not much of photo been taken there. Lili learnt how to sleep by herself. She no longer needs her buaian.Till now! Im one proud mama. 

foods to dig : pasembor ; sotong bakar ; kari kepala ikan and my ultimate favourite nasi kandar!!!!!!!