Hi readers. Lack of updates as im curently in subang. ( what an excuse :P )
a bit updates : monday~ went to several places to buy some stuff for the business. After pickup lil sis at school, headed to subang parade and splurge a bit ( sure? ) at mothercare. " Pp meroyan dlm mothercare" bak kate yaya. hehe. Oh, le husband is at Jakarta. And my mom/dad is at India. :D Thats explain why im in Subang the whole week! 


  1. comel la lili chan ni,i never thought utk bawa bumbo seat kalo outing...lain kali blh try,senang nak bg ilyas mkn

  2. Hehe. I bawak sebab senang u, and die xboleh duduk dlm high chair lagi. So bumbo lah jawapanye.