hay, its almost weekend

Hay. Lili is finally asleep. Its 11 at night. Hubby still not home yet, futsal at night. Its pretty fun day today. Lili woke up eaarrrly in the morning. Early than her abah's alarm clock. ( I didnt switch on any alarm ever since I resigned, hehe ). After hubby left for work, i cooked breakfast and watched Disney junior with lili. Home cleaning + feed lili + fun time with lili. My parent+yaya+nana came as surprised! brought me sate kajang for lunch! yum. They stay till evening. Tokpa spent most of his time here playing with lili, i bet he missed his lilichan. Business talk with yaya. Its a very serious talk, cuz my dad agreed to loan us some money for it. ( he approved and love our business proposal! ). After my family went back, lili being so hyper that she finally asleep -_-" 
Jumped to the kitchen and dig in some ice cream +browsed the net+ikea catalogue.
Told ya its a fun day. well, atleast I dont have to cook dinner today! hehe


  1. Seronok dear. Tp maybe bosan jugak klau lili tdo. Tu yg nk buat bisnes tu. Hee.

  2. i suke bc u & ur sisters' blog.. nak2 bile u letak ur daughter's pic.. so cute.. then i xsaba nak tau wat kind of bisnes yg u buat with ur twin.. so cepat2 update ye.. :)

  3. anon : thanks for dropping by! Will update soon. InsyaAllah nex week will update about the bisnes.
    :) nnti kiterorg ade bisnes, support k. Hihi

  4. babe, bestnya, i is jeles ok! & i tumpang excited jugak w your new biz tu, mcm best je :D all the best k ;)

  5. Fatih : thankyou. I buat bisnes kecik2 je u dulu. Atleast adelah keje jd housewife ni kan. Hihi