Baby food

Bought this recipe book last week at popular book store, Empire. This Highly recommended recipe book is from Christine Bailey. Cant wait to try all the recipes. And to my surprised, our first Malaysian astronaut also bought the same book for her sweetie pie, Bella. :D U can check out Dr.Halina's blog ! Isabella is one adorable girl. I must say its worth to buy because all instructions are easy and looks yummy. Plus, on every meal there's a little description on how it benefits to the baby. 
Oh, just so u know, the book does not came with the egg beater. hehe. I bought it at HOI damansara. Too cute.
and definitely will share the yummy recipe with u guys soon!


  1. i saw it at dr halina's blog too n keen to buy it!!!sometimes running out of idea on what to cook for my baby

  2. p! td ya sikit lg nk beli peter rabbit meal set for lili,too cute! later i beli k!

  3. i also juz bought a new cookbook for my baby...juz left to search a time to try it...=p

  4. Ez moi : go go go !

    Suzie : best that book. Nnti i share k.

    Yaya : aww, kat mne ya ?

    Mr&mrs sapic : oh, bestnyee. I pun tak try lg recipe dlm tu.

  5. comel nye egg beater tu!! i pon tgh enjoy cooking for Firas, tapi tak ter-update2 the recipes huhu.. lets jom exchange recipes :D

  6. hey hey dear.. how much is this book ya? i would love to buy it too =)