Just open a new book this 2012. 2011 is the most sweetest year indeed. Same goes to 2010. Cant wait to see what store for me this 2012. 
Love to share my new year resolution with my readers :

1. Start a small business. 
2. Decorate my house esp our living room and kitchen. Not to forget our garden.
3. Be my own masterchef. ehem.
4. Awesome holiday vacay with hubby & Lili
5. Throw a memorable 1 year birthday party for Lili
6. Spent more time blogging. 

I think that's it.
I hope its not to late for me to wish u guys HAPPY NEW YEAR !


  1. wat a business???

  2. top of all. i jelez betui bab u dah bersara awal ni...

  3. Anon : insyaAllah will share with u nex week.

    Athi : hehe. Bersara sekejup, lpas tu smbung blk bile lili dah 2 tahun ke.