You see, im too lazy to write. hehe. Lots of things happen last few days. Luckily i always have my olympus pen anywhere i go or do. Its just came in handy. 
The bride & the groom. noo! Lili and the groom. Mummy yong's closest friend wedding. And he's our MC during my wedding ceromony last 2 year. ;)
Akim sooo rajin, he made sambal kicap+belacan+cili api untuk dicicah bersame mangge mude. and I made cempedak goreng for hi-tea. yummys
Parents just came back from India. and like always, bought us lots of cool souvenirs, but this handmade mobile cot is my Favouriteeee! cant wait to hang it. Lots of cats, ahhh so cutee!!
Sexy legs? haha. Made felt pumps for Lili chan. My first attempt. Alhamdulillah muat! hehe
Anddddd.. I made this mustache cushion for Akim. 


my monster & his precious

1. oh noo, here come the monster !
2. maybe if i poke his eyes, he will stop.
3. danggg, mission failed ! *rolls eyes*

p/s : Lili hates akim's misai. 



 Dear PLUM,
I miss you. 
I miss our old days.
I miss how we used to hangout like every weekends
or just bergayut for hours.
Lets meet up
Afterall, mini me miss u.
we miss u. 
like a LOT. 

Love, your PIE



1. Japanese Curtain at the kitchen. 
2. Superb brownies & loves the packaging too
3. Scrap fabrics. new project coming.
4. Lili is wearing unmatching socks today


Mustache day

While everybody is busy working. hehe, Lili chan & i camwhoring with our DIY felt mustache that i sewed on lili's carters romper and my bershka tee. This post was actually dedicated to our handsome abah, cuz he aims to keep his mustache lebatt. It just make our day, mustachier. hehe.
p/s : lili tengah poo poo actually. Thats why she dowan to smile. 


Baby food

Bought this recipe book last week at popular book store, Empire. This Highly recommended recipe book is from Christine Bailey. Cant wait to try all the recipes. And to my surprised, our first Malaysian astronaut also bought the same book for her sweetie pie, Bella. :D U can check out Dr.Halina's blog ! Isabella is one adorable girl. I must say its worth to buy because all instructions are easy and looks yummy. Plus, on every meal there's a little description on how it benefits to the baby. 
Oh, just so u know, the book does not came with the egg beater. hehe. I bought it at HOI damansara. Too cute.
and definitely will share the yummy recipe with u guys soon!


Peter Rabbit ( part 2 )

Today, Jacoob the fluffy sheep join in the fun. Lili is wearing her another Peter rabbit tee. Anyway, I already started to introduced solid food to lili. But so far, she only ate Heinz puree and Heinz rusk. Im going to cook rice porridge tomorrow. Will see how!


A new start

My twin and I just set up a new business. We provide biscuits/candy/cake buffet for any event such as wedding,birthdays, kid parties,anniversaries,corporate events,product launches,any party (baby shower, bachelor party). We will design the buffet as requested by the customer. For further info, do PM me ya cuz we just started and insyaAllah will open up a page at FB. CakeWalk. 


Peter Rabitt ( part 1 )

Lili is almost 6 mos! cant believe how fast time flies! Alhamdulillah she's doing good and healhty. Today, Lili's wearing her peter rabbit tee. Its actually a gift from her tokpa&wanma. Although its pretty big for her, but hay she still looks adorable to me! We went to my MIL house at gombak today. Celebrate nadi&syikin's birthday. oh,btw Happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday! 
more pictures of lili the peter rabbit, click here !


Tiring Thursday

I Loooveee Aino kitchen! went to aino @ empire today. Did some shopping. Bought pots and pans. And business props too. Did threading. like finally~ oh,I miss my hubby and my parents! -_-!


EAT and eat and eat

Did some shopping today at IKEA and SFF and OU. Ate alot today. From sushi king to Ikea hotdog to Delicious to Johnnys. I just cant wait to start my business!



Hi readers. Lack of updates as im curently in subang. ( what an excuse :P )
a bit updates : monday~ went to several places to buy some stuff for the business. After pickup lil sis at school, headed to subang parade and splurge a bit ( sure? ) at mothercare. " Pp meroyan dlm mothercare" bak kate yaya. hehe. Oh, le husband is at Jakarta. And my mom/dad is at India. :D Thats explain why im in Subang the whole week!