4 months

Last friday, my talented twin yaya decided to bake a cake for lili. Theres 2 cakes! Its a rainbow cake and trust me its freaking delicious. Happy 4 mos chan.
She also received a present from mummy yong. Its a gigantic dibo the gift dragon. Lili favourite!!  Lili loves her aunties!!!!


  1. happy 4 months lil chan..comel =)

  2. hai..just read your blog!! nice photos!! ur baby gonna luvs it once she can read and use computer kot kan.. :)

    btw..mind to share the recipe..those cakes look nice!!

  3. my love : hi ! thanks alot for dropping by. hehe. i hopes she can read it nanti.
    my sis yg buat cake tu, nnti i daptkan for u k.