Weekend updates

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome. 
Saturday, early morning went to Rumah anak yatim Kuang ( monthly routine - made a donation.)
Headed to One Utama but only last for 20 minutes because Lili meragam. Isk isk. Managed to buy only Chocolates and candy. Tapau nasi ayam & the best air kelapa ever at Kota Damasara. Bloated afterwards. 
Sunday, Lili turned 2 months! hip hip hooray! Went to specialist for injection. Drop by at Summit and tapau Johnnys. Yummyy. Lazing at Subang, wanma cook mee rebus and yaya made delicious banana fritters. Received present from mummy yong. Love it! Oh, btw Im officially fat.
Weekend random photo from bb :

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