Sugar,spice, everything nice!

Today, i make Lili a headband and scrunchies for me! Its so easy ,u can even try it. All u need is a piece of fabrics, a narrow elastic, safety pins, sewing needle, and threads offcourse. Here are the instructions !
1. Cut out a rectangle of fabric, about 7” long (longer or shorter for bigger or smaller scrunchies) and about 3” wide.Cut a piece of elastic about 2” shorter than your fabric length.Begin by folding the fabric carefully in half with the good sides of the fabric meeting together. U can use either a sewing machine or a simple needle and thread to stitch the fabric together.
2. A safety pin stuck through the end of the elastic can make it easier for u to insert the elastic.
3. Hand-stitch the ends together.
4. WALLAAA! Scrunchiesss is ready!
Here, Lili rocking with her new headband :


  1. lili budak decit..kenapa comey sangat..eee

  2. Ezira : ok, nnti pilih fabrics!

    Ezrina : watever backkk! -lili

    Lilyana : hee, thankyouuuu