Red butterflies

I just loveeee to snap her photo before she off to bed. Lili chan, mama  you!


  1. She's adorable ! What milk are you giving her ?

  2. i came across your blog n decided to hv a look. your baby sgtttt adorable, & i love all your pics! ;)
    hey bila browse2 rupanya i kenal your hubby! geng kitorng main futsal dulu (amril's gang) kan? :D what a small world :)

  3. such a perfect baby!whats her name n how old is she?red romp[er patch ni paling ramai ada.same w nayli's!hheehee

  4. Anonymous : she is fully breastfeed. :) tq!

    Pinkerton : hi ! Thanks for dropping by! Oh, jot's fren yeh? It is a small world! Ur son pun handsome!

    Dia : her name is dalili husna. Baru 3months dear. Mase i pregnant i nak sgt namekan nayli. Pencapaianku kan the meaning. Hehe.