Mixed feeling

Ughh. Time really flies! My maternity leave will be over soon. How I wish I can spend more time ( I MEAN MOREEEEEE ) with Lili. Sobs. 8 hours at the office? U gotta be kidding. T_T 
Anywayyy, did some cleaning today. Lili's wardrobe is almost full even i haven't do any shopping for her. Most of the clothes are gifts from my family,relatives & friends. TQS! And guess whatttt..KIKO is home! welcome home abanglong! I miss u!


  1. same goes to me..byk yg kwn2 bg..bli b4 deliver je..pp, i love to read ur blog..almost everyday..hehe..da penuh almari lili nk lawan almari mama die..

  2. Thanks ria for following my blog. :D
    ria, mama die almari macm nak roboh dah. hehe. klau boleh nak tumpang kat almari lili. hehe