Red butterflies

I just loveeee to snap her photo before she off to bed. Lili chan, mama  you!


Little miss giggle

The medicine and cure. 


Trick or Treats

BOO! Halloween is coming and Lili getting all excited. Lastnight, she warm up in her new skeleton pyjama. Too bad I couldn't find her matching skeleton pants. But hay, she still looks cute to me, oh wait, she looks terribly spooooooky! Heeh heee heee hee ( evil laugh )
p/s : Fyi, the bones actually glows in the dark. 


October wishlist

Me  and me wants !!
source ; Zara Malaysia


Cat in a hat

Its a very hot sunday and we decided to just chilled in the house. I just love her hat.

♥  ♥  ♥ 


Weekend updates

So, another weekend is over. boo. Yet, another best weekend. Saturday, le big familia gathered at cinnamon cafe for a hi-tea. Thanks to my lovely wanma for the treat. Had an awesome lunch. Thanks to my lovely daughter for your good behaved, mama can enjoy the food,dessert. Happy tummy. Later at night, watched Wu xia with akim. Interesting movie! Off to bed early,pretty tired. 


Fishie n Tutti

Yesterday, Lili and I balik kampung ( subang ). heeh! We went to Subang parade with wanma,mummy ya n nana as I'm craving for Fish Manhattan. ( akim don't like fish ). And later we brain freeze at Tutti Fruiti. Hay! Its Fun!
P/s : yeap, its a no makeup day for me and I'm wearing my mom's tudung. hihi.


Sugar,spice, everything nice!

Today, i make Lili a headband and scrunchies for me! Its so easy ,u can even try it. All u need is a piece of fabrics, a narrow elastic, safety pins, sewing needle, and threads offcourse. Here are the instructions !
1. Cut out a rectangle of fabric, about 7” long (longer or shorter for bigger or smaller scrunchies) and about 3” wide.Cut a piece of elastic about 2” shorter than your fabric length.Begin by folding the fabric carefully in half with the good sides of the fabric meeting together. U can use either a sewing machine or a simple needle and thread to stitch the fabric together.
2. A safety pin stuck through the end of the elastic can make it easier for u to insert the elastic.
3. Hand-stitch the ends together.
4. WALLAAA! Scrunchiesss is ready!
Here, Lili rocking with her new headband :


Mixed feeling

Ughh. Time really flies! My maternity leave will be over soon. How I wish I can spend more time ( I MEAN MOREEEEEE ) with Lili. Sobs. 8 hours at the office? U gotta be kidding. T_T 
Anywayyy, did some cleaning today. Lili's wardrobe is almost full even i haven't do any shopping for her. Most of the clothes are gifts from my family,relatives & friends. TQS! And guess whatttt..KIKO is home! welcome home abanglong! I miss u!


Pretty in Pink

Today, Lili being extra cute by wearing her vintage pink dress. It was a gift from her Tokpa. Yay. Lili is behaving quite a darling this past few days. 
Anyway, cant wait to go to IKEA. My house need some new deco and Lili need new toys. Browsing IKEA catalogue are my new hobby now. 
P/s : how do u like my new blog? Finally the comment box is visible to all. Feel free to drop any comment/enquiry/wish ! 



Its raining cats & dogs outside. Lili show off her new headband. 

Yummy tummy

Weekend updates! Saturday, did some shopping at Carrefour wangsa maju and bought sushi,marinated lamb+chicken,and kitchen stuff. Did a bbq dinner at night, and believed me, its not a candlelight dinner cause akim request to have it infront of the tv ( he wants to watch Liverpool vs MU ). Romantic uh? hehe. Andd...we dig those lambs and chicken with hands, bet u cant do that at restaurant. hehe.Watched bini2ku gangster and I slept pretty early. Full tummy. 
Sunday, kemas rumah, ate ice cream, watched johnny english , played with Lili. How was your weekend ?
Here are some photos:


My bantal busyuk

Hello readers. 
Mama just gave me a bath. Pretty sleepy already. 
lets tuck inside my blanky and sleep ! Lalaland, here i comeeee!
- lili -