Little miss smelly

Loving u is so easy cuz u're too cute.
Very warm friday. Lili request to be half naked. hee. October is just around the corner. Turning 24 this coming thursday. I dont have anything in mind, maybe a small celebration with my small family. Its so frustrating to know that the Empire shopping gallery been closed for about 6 months due to the explosion last Wednesday. There are lots of baby shop & nice restaurant at Empire. :( and i usually get my monthly threading session there. boo. Anyway, very eager to shop for lili. Lili need a serious shopping. 
 i love the smell of a baby. dontchu?


Lazing Thursday

Lili love to be at Tok Pa's & Wan Ma house.
Lili with Yaya's handmade owl. 


Just found out this awesome website. Makeover is so much fun. Well, Lili is still small for me to makeup, so i just virtually make her up ! I just love this kind of application where u can choose all sorts of blusher,eyeshadow,lipstick,and accesories. Lovee! So, which style suits Lili best? hm. i like lili with bangs and sweet soft touch up. Dont u think? *faint*
ok,too much. hihi. 


Ezrina & Ridzwan

Ezrina & Ridzwan tie the knot on the 16th of september. A very beautiful yet simple ceromany indeed. Nearly cried, but can hold it. hehe. Big congrats goes to kakyong n abg apek. Love u both. God bless. Amin. 

Marhaban,khatam al-quran & aqiqah Dalili

Lack of updates as im very busy last week. Will post the stories behind my busy-ness one by one. Starting with majlis marhaban/khatam al-quran/aqiqah dalili. Happened on the 15th of September. Lovely day, dalili behaved so well ( she slept all the way during the ceromony ).
Special thanks to mama and all her good friends for made dalili feel like a princess that day. 
kiss kiss to yaya for all the chocs.
Big hug to my mil for the delish acar.
Captured :
oh,btw, im wearing my nikah dress. alhamdulillah muat! hehe.


Cats Heaven

Craig Grant, I love you. That's what I'm going to say to him if i had a chance to meet this old man. He owns the Caboodle Ranch where there is about 600 cats!  Basically it is a sort of cat town, where hundreds of cats roam free through a community built especially for them. All the cats on the ranch are neutered,been given vaccine, and off course deliciously adorable! CRIED! Craig spends 14 hours a day, seven days a week, to care for the ranch and even if he does not have money to eat, he makes sure his cats do.
And guess what, all these cats are abandon strayed cats. Seriously, Yaya and I would gone crazy here :
Ok. Hubby please bring me to Florida. Pretty PLEASE!!!!!!

P.s : If u watch all the video taken at Caboodle Ranch, u will go crazy.


Owlie and Ellie

My baby Lili behaved so well yesterday. She slept peacefully during the day. But..but..awakes widely during the night. "You're not a nocturnal, Lili".
After kemas rumah, lipat kain, eat and stuff.. I decided to sew/make Lili a handmade toy.
Here's the result. Owlie the owl & Ellie the elephant. 
the process & outcome ;
 Dwi colour elephant & red polka owl ( sewed handmade )
Lili with her new friends. :D

p/s : sorry for the bad quality pictures. taken from my bb.


Eid 2011

While Lili is busy sleeping ( thank god ! ), lets update some raya pictures. Raya 2011 is fun. First raya as a wife and a mother. First raya at Kuala pilah and the 2nd at Gombak. Lets picture do the talking aite :

 Oh, just so u know, even though im not entitled to collect duit raya for myself, I received lots of duit raya on behalf Lili. My daughter is one rich girl i tell u. Mama nak pinjam duit lili bole? ;)


Here and there

So much to update.
A very bussyyy week indeed. Moved out from Subang after a month enjoying my confinement there. Lili request to go home ( saujana utama ) !
Raya is fun. Will update raya post later.