The ultimate Joy

Since i have plenty time to kill, let me share u my wonderful days happen last couple of weeks. 
2nd of August, i gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl which later we named her as Dalili Husna ( pemimpin yg indah ). Weight 2.98kg at 10.02am. Ceasered by Dr. Mohd Niraj at Hosp.Umra, Shah Alam due to my baby breech position ( naughty girl ).
A very emotional day for me n my family. Oh, its my dad's birthday as well. :)
Moments captured :

4th of August, performed Tahnik ( baby first taste of sweetness(dates), & air zam zam. By Imam masjid Al-Falah ( our tok imam time solemnize ! ) together with cukur rambut.
5th of August, shaved her hair bald. By opah nina ( my aunty ). My baby now is cute & bald. cepat2 tumbuh rambut ye dalili bambam:)


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