Tribute to kecik

My little kitten, kecik just passed away. He died at my mother in law's house. We sent our 2 cats there as i'm berpantang at subang and no one will look after them at our house. Im so sad that i don't have any mood todayy. Same as my hubby. 
Kecik came to our house few months back. He is so manja and playful. He came just after we get back from pasar mlm. Eversinced that, he is our litte stray kitten. We kept him together with kiko ( hubby's cat ). My hubby will fed him every morning before we go to work and took him to the vets for a vaccination. He is our little precious. 
My hubby is the saddest people right now. Hang in there b, i know u love him and i love him too ( eventho he always catch my feet ).
Few shots of kecik captured in my bb :

His favourite spot to sleep.
On the way to Gombak with kiko. Last picture taken of kecik. :(

RIP kecik. 

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