Take Note

Few updates...
1. I miss my home @ Saujana Utama. I miss kiko too.
2. Craving for Nandos,starbucks ice-blended,baskin robins,n johnnys steamboat.cepatlar habis pantang.
3. Going for shopping raya this friday with hubby. Need new skinny,hbag,etc. Yayyy!
4. My new car will arrive this friday. Double yayy!
5. For the first time raye in subang and gombak. How I miss to raye at pilah.Sobs.
6. My current weight is 47kg. Not bad uh?
7. My Dalili will turn 1 month next week. :D
8. And she started to love her pacifier. 
9. Cant wait to receive my tailor-made evening dress this 1st Sept. Hopes it fits me well. 
10. Kinda miss my office and colleague. 
Random photo updates :
Dalili new sleeping position & she loves it.
Dalili's bunga telur for aqiqah this coming sept. Handmade by my creative mama. Love it. Very beautiful. Thanks mama !
September going to be a busy month for my family. Canttt wait for Ezrina's Big Dayyy!!

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