Off to celebrate raya

my two favourite. akimlicious n lilicious @ MIL house.



25th August 2011.
Happy woman's day to all brave,beautiful,independent,
single-married woman all over the world!!
Anyway, just received this cute handmade headband from FreowCrafts
Lili loves it and cant wait to try em on. Thanks diba! 


Take Note

Few updates...
1. I miss my home @ Saujana Utama. I miss kiko too.
2. Craving for Nandos,starbucks ice-blended,baskin robins,n johnnys steamboat.cepatlar habis pantang.
3. Going for shopping raya this friday with hubby. Need new skinny,hbag,etc. Yayyy!
4. My new car will arrive this friday. Double yayy!
5. For the first time raye in subang and gombak. How I miss to raye at pilah.Sobs.
6. My current weight is 47kg. Not bad uh?
7. My Dalili will turn 1 month next week. :D
8. And she started to love her pacifier. 
9. Cant wait to receive my tailor-made evening dress this 1st Sept. Hopes it fits me well. 
10. Kinda miss my office and colleague. 
Random photo updates :
Dalili new sleeping position & she loves it.
Dalili's bunga telur for aqiqah this coming sept. Handmade by my creative mama. Love it. Very beautiful. Thanks mama !
September going to be a busy month for my family. Canttt wait for Ezrina's Big Dayyy!!


Weekend Wonders

Berbuke / food tasting at The Saujana hotel
Day 19 berpantang but already go out :)
Lili sunbathing with abah.


The ultimate Joy

Since i have plenty time to kill, let me share u my wonderful days happen last couple of weeks. 
2nd of August, i gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl which later we named her as Dalili Husna ( pemimpin yg indah ). Weight 2.98kg at 10.02am. Ceasered by Dr. Mohd Niraj at Hosp.Umra, Shah Alam due to my baby breech position ( naughty girl ).
A very emotional day for me n my family. Oh, its my dad's birthday as well. :)
Moments captured :

4th of August, performed Tahnik ( baby first taste of sweetness(dates), & air zam zam. By Imam masjid Al-Falah ( our tok imam time solemnize ! ) together with cukur rambut.
5th of August, shaved her hair bald. By opah nina ( my aunty ). My baby now is cute & bald. cepat2 tumbuh rambut ye dalili bambam:)



Tribute to kecik

My little kitten, kecik just passed away. He died at my mother in law's house. We sent our 2 cats there as i'm berpantang at subang and no one will look after them at our house. Im so sad that i don't have any mood todayy. Same as my hubby. 
Kecik came to our house few months back. He is so manja and playful. He came just after we get back from pasar mlm. Eversinced that, he is our litte stray kitten. We kept him together with kiko ( hubby's cat ). My hubby will fed him every morning before we go to work and took him to the vets for a vaccination. He is our little precious. 
My hubby is the saddest people right now. Hang in there b, i know u love him and i love him too ( eventho he always catch my feet ).
Few shots of kecik captured in my bb :

His favourite spot to sleep.
On the way to Gombak with kiko. Last picture taken of kecik. :(

RIP kecik. 


44 days starts now

Frankly, im enjoying my confinement period up till now. Maybe because i berpantang at my hometown,Subang. Surrounded by my lovely family *crazy sisters. Although its tough at the very first few days, but i managed to coped with it. My mom ( acted as my confinement lady, hee ) is not that particular and strict. But i still had to obey her. She cooked delicious pantang lunch & dinner for me, but sometimes i dig McDonalds ( mama bought it if she is busy or malas to cook ), how lovely. 

Trying soooo hard to get my shape back. I dont care about my weight now. All i care is my FIGURE. 
Hopes by wearing bengkung which i bought from BENGKUNG MODEN, ill be thinner as anak dara.