In delimma

Me and akim still havent find a name for our coming baby. Seriously, its a very hard task for us! Anyhow, i just cant wait for her/him arrival. 2nd of August is just around the corner. :)

     snapshot : akim garu kepala cari names for our baby.


Flair updates ; in love with all the cute things

Hip hip hoorayy

I'm so happy today. Finally, ill be away from my workstation for 3 months! how beautiful. maternity leave, i love u. My handsome papa will be retiring tomorrow. I bet his feeling is like 1000 times mine. I can feel u pa.

but somehow, ill be missing my girls in Maybank. yes, i will. my teman breakfast & lunch, my gossips partner, my sad & happy times partner ; dora,hana,mona,sis yanie. Gonna miss u guys for this coming 3 months! Do visit me always ey!

Pictures taken on my last day of work. acecey, bunyi mcm nak resign je ? hehe.

yes,yes i knoe i look fat and ugly. hee.



  Hungry face by hubby.
Saturday at Subang. Hanging with all my sissy.
Argue with yaya over a carpet.
Nana trip over a curtain.
Papa came home from a farewell holiday.
Mama went to her bestfriend son's wedding.
Uchi is fat.
Dine at Murni.
Went home.
Watched tiger vs sgpore. Poor game. hubby surely not in the mood.



Spent a day with my ultimate girlfriend Erin, & yaya+matin as well at The Empire, while my hubby went to watched Liverpool match at stadium bukit jalil. Lunch at Madam Kwan, high tea at The Loaf and spent some kaching at fos,diva & jaya grocer. lol. Tummy is getting heavier. But im surely miss having round & big belly soon!



Lepak Subang today. Look what i received ! These are all gifts from my family. I heart them so much & ill make sure my baby heart them as much as I do.



July July July

Yes. its a baby cot. We planned on buying the white one but its out of stock. well maybe we are meant to have this one. :)Its July. How fast time flies.