She's back

Hello world. Its been ages since I write anything here. Luckily I still remember the password. I’m too lazy to write. So just to recap what’s being happened in my life throughout this one and half year.

3rd April 2010, Engaged to my 2 years bf ; Nasrul Hakim. A simple yet memorable ceremony.

15th October 2010, after 6 months engaged, married to akim. Perfect day. Alhamdulillah, with only one lafaz- im officially his. Solemnization at Subang, my family house.

16th October 2010, Reception at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam. Good food and music.

5th November 2010, Reception at Husband Hometown, Gombak.

Right after bertandang, we went to Krabi-Thailand for 4 days 3 nights stay. I love the place so much! The resort that we were staying was absoluteeeeely perfect for honeymooners. We spent our days there shopping, snorkeling, swimming, eating, sight-seeing, & baby making. (Well, that’s what honeymoon is all about kan kan ) hehehe. Everything goes perfeeectly.

Moved out
Moved in to our new little crib is unbelievable. It’s a townhouse located at Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh. It’s a new house. Akim bought it because the area and environment is so peaceful. U can find lots of facilities there & there are lots of shop lots. U won’t die there. Been apart with my family is a really challenged for me. So, I make sure my crib is comfortlicious enuff for me to not think about my hometown at subang.

New drama
Knowing that I’m pregnant early December is such a blissful. I don’t have any trouble early pregnancy. I don’t deal with any morning sickness.im blessed. But I do experience with body ache. My buttocks nerves get tangled up and it hurts so badly that I barely walk straight. My shoulder also hurts really bad for the first 3 months.
Akim is the most excited person every time he accompanies me to do monthly checkup. He smiled like a crazy man looking at the ultrasound thingy. And every day, he never failed talking with our not yet born

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