Hay Uchi, I heart you.

23.01.2010 Mandikan uchi with bluberry shampoo. He smells goodd!! 

Earth , Wind & Fire

24.01.10 Datingg today. Well, every weekend i date with ze bf. Watched Haunted university & Legion. Personally, i dont like both movies.  

vain. motif? My hair is damaged


Chemistry perhaps

22.01.2010 Too much story to even tell. Work is fun. Im so excited for this 31st. woohoo!

P/s : I know u hate this picture, but I  ♥ it.



❝A ring is round, it turns forever and that's how long we'll be together❞

Peach Tea

15.01.2010 Lunch at Cuppacake as Yaya wants to collect her cupcakes. It was a very hot day. 


Remember the day we were close to the edge.

14.01.2010 Did a medical checkup at KL. Thanks to this lovebird( yaya & matin ), for teman me throughout the day. 


Round round baby round round

08.01.2010 Almost ignoring my blog. Boo. Teman kakyong skate at Usj 11. Ape lagi, snap pictures lah : 



Reflections are Protections

06.01.2010 Chill-out with yaya,erin,zeus,matin,wan & lim at night. Taipan fudcourt is our current best place to lepak. Sebab ade hotguys kat shisha stall. OKAY, Joking! 


Ivan my sclummylicious

04.01.2010 Ivan is my bantal busuk. I had it since u-know-when. Practically, everyone that is close to me knew that I live with her. Right now, i hav two Ivan. The old one, is 5 yrs old, and another one (my bestie gave me as a present) is 1 yrs old.

                    Say HELLO to both IVAN !!

  And HELLO to mama Ivan too !!

Chic chick

02.01.2010 My favorite snacks. Blend this together : bubble tea + chicken XXL = happy face the whole day. 


Baby Baby

01.01.2010  I cant get enough of her. I wanna be just like her. You'll see. hahahaha.