Bubble tea

29.12.2009 Met kinkin n myra at Subang Parade. Cover up lots of gossips at swensens. Bubble Tea afterward. I'm sick dat day, but they all made my day. Loves!

Last week for 2009


Happy Birthday to my little sissy
Evana Sorfina

Did a rainbow birthday party for evana last sunday at Pizza Hut, Taipan.
It was raining on that day. But Boyyyy, we hadd fun !! Special thanks to my bff : Marissa, for helping me the whole day.
I cant believe my baby sister is eight ! ;)

          Will upload pictures later. Too many !


Watch and Learn

Last Week Updates

22.12.09 ~ Did a small kenduri kesyukuran for my uncle and aunty as to congratulate them on their safe arrival and on performing Hajj. 

23.12.09 ~ Watched Princess and the frog with ze boyfriend. Good movie, eventho akim doesn't fancy it . =D 

24.12.09 ~ Video shoot at boutique Pu3, Le Curve with Erin. Lunch  at Ikea. Window shopped at OU. Exhausted but Fun. 

25.12.09 ~ Jalan2 again, with momma. Did last minute preparation for Nana's birthday party. 

So, these are ¾ of pictures taken last week.






Lets make him fat

21.12.09 Doing some shopping for Uchi. We wanna make Uchi "The fattiest cat in the world". You'll see. 


I see you..

17.12.09 Watched two good movies this week with ze boyfriend.
Santau & Avatar. Two thumbs up for avatar n a thumb up for santau. In fact, i think Avatar is the best movie for 2009 !


Swear no job

17.12.09 People, i had tumblr. Kyndra and bridgey forced me to do so. But it was pretty easy and funn yaww. But hey, no I will not ditch my blogspot. Ill use tumblr to post up my fav videos,pictures and songs. Ill still rant about my life here. :D

Click here.


Sugar on top

13.12.2009 So, my lil sister birthday is coming up. Truthfully, i have no idea wat to buy for her. But one thing for sure, a Party is a must! Found these randoms and amazing cakes! These are my fav :D


Okay, that's it. My tummy is grumbling already!

Can u rawrr ?

12.12.09 Flair updates : Uchi is FAT !!


There's no real love in you

11.12.09 Dont u just love the Kaulitz twins from Tokio hotel? I think they are the sexiest twins alive & they're both unique in their own way. But i love Bill Kaulitz the mostt! ;D 

Bill: "I can never imagine something like that, that someday we would be separated. I believe we are connected to each other for the rest of our lives. That's always like a soul-connection (congeniality) for sure."

Bad bad romance

11.12.09   Old Junks. 


I know you better than this

9.12.09 I love this limau ais woman. Sorry for peluk u and pijak²  u that night. Blame ur naughty dog.

You never laugh at all of my bad jokes

8.12.09 Flair updates : I miss my other ½ . 


Take me by the hand

7.12.09 Most of the time, all you need is a strong support system.



5.11.2009 Good News : My tailor seyd, im getting thinner. clap clap! Hantar 3 kain today. Took new measurement. Kak Ijan-the tailor, kene measured 2 times part my boobs sebab cant believe how susut my boobs can be. hihihi.
eh, why am i laughing?


Bad News : My spec broke. I need new frame. Means, i need new sponsor. anyone?  


Delta vs Bravo

4.12.09 Friday night,Ayu,Intan,Yaya and I gathered at Ayu's house in S.Alam. Amy and Elliz supposed to join us, but they wont be able to come. Anyhoo, we had lotsaaaaaa fun! U see, everytime kiterorg meet pun, always fun. We will go non stop talking about our good old days together. Ayu,Intan, my ultimate National Services Bestie, I heart u guyss! Lets go cuckoo together againn!


Kyndra, you're a woman !

2.12.09 Wishing Happy 22 to my bff, Kyndra! May u grow prettier & prettier & prettier. Love u nyahh! U are so legal!!

"There are big ships and small ships.But the best ship of all is friendship."


Im not your toy

1.12.09 I'm a selfish and stingy when it comes to music. I only listen to music that not everybody listening to. I know music is for everyone but I only share my music with selective people only. sukehatilah.

All the songs from Tegan and Sara is Drugs. I can never get enough of their songs. September had the best dance music!. Newcomer La Roux kills my PMS. They all are just bloody awesome. 

                 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥     ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥           


29.11.09 Meet Wunny on Sunday & had our dinner at Sutra Le Curve. The best thing about hanging out with her is that we can blabb the whole night speaking nogori.