First entry ♪

20.11.09 Hello stray cats. Since I have PLENTY of time to kill, i had decided to do my own blog, after 2 years thinking whether i should, or should not having it. You see, blogging wasn't my thing back then. But now, I finally made one! so might as well make the best of it. Plus, 2010 is coming !
There must be tonnes of good stuffs & story to be share here,later. 

So first thing's first, today is just like any other sunday. School holidays just started. Evana is super happy. Mama too. Uchi three.
The weather was beautiful today.Rainy days ayy?
I’ve done nothing but sleep and eat and sleep and eat and eat and sleep and sleep and eat.

And guess what?

I'm off to sleep now. Night ♥

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