Through thick & thin

28.11.09  HAPPY Spend the rest of the day with my ultimate girlfriends last weekend. Did lots of activity in one day. Cycling,karaoke,shopping,cam-whoring; you name it. Managed to snapped tonnes of pictures at Putrajaya, and cycled afterward. Although it was really hot and everybody was practically soaked in their own sweat, sticky bodies ,makeups were all smeared up and ruined, no one really cared in the end. Caused we love each otha! 





Happy Days

26.11.09 Yaya and I suddenly craving for pizza. So we thought on having our lunch at Yellow Cab. But we ended up at Happy Days - new restaurant/pub at taipan.
Oh,the pizza taste excellent! and the place is very nice and huge. I love the decor, feel very 70s! 
After lunch, attend appointment at SDMC ; did mini photoshoot at the lake. :D


The Cure

25.11.09 Look what i found. New photos from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC. I hate them for having PERRRFEEEEECK body and for making me MOODY. Their body, are to die for. Perfection. For real. What more can you ask?

Walaweyyy. What a toned stomach ! I'm so making this my wallpaper & motivation to do lots of sits up! 


Happy Tuesday

24.11.09 Went for a temuduga today at Hong Leong PJ. Spent about 2 hours there. Thanks yaya cuz sanggup teman lame2. :P
After the interview, headed to IKEA with eka darling.

Toast Bread

23.11.09 Minum petang with my yaya n erin yesterday is fun.
Laughed every 2 minutes. Took pictures every 5 second. :D
K3K Benta kaya had the most crumdelioumcious roti bakar. Enough said !

Had to prepare for tomorrow interview !


First entry ♪

20.11.09 Hello stray cats. Since I have PLENTY of time to kill, i had decided to do my own blog, after 2 years thinking whether i should, or should not having it. You see, blogging wasn't my thing back then. But now, I finally made one! so might as well make the best of it. Plus, 2010 is coming !
There must be tonnes of good stuffs & story to be share here,later. 

So first thing's first, today is just like any other sunday. School holidays just started. Evana is super happy. Mama too. Uchi three.
The weather was beautiful today.Rainy days ayy?
I’ve done nothing but sleep and eat and sleep and eat and eat and sleep and sleep and eat.

And guess what?

I'm off to sleep now. Night ♥