Glamping at Lost World of Tambun

 Assalamualaikum. I decided to blog about my experience glamping at lost world of tambun since ramai yang dm pp at instagram. Please bear with my bahasa rojak cuz bile dah ada anak 3, no time for bombastic vocab ( i even blogging and feeding Ali ). So last weekend my family & I went for a short road trip to Ipoh Perak, for a glamping experience! They only have 6 tent, so book early to avoid any disappointment.
While waiting for our buggy ride to the Theme park, lili & I snap some photo at the hotel lobby and she study the theme park map. 
Abang buggy driver ni so helpful. He helped us with the check in process and brief us about the park and glamping details. He told us that for glamping guest, we entitled to enjoy kayak and zip line for free ( else chargeable for non guest ).
Glamping tent ni located at the adventure park. Once we reached there, we are welcomed by glamping staff, Nas, who helped us with the tent ( u can choose your tent as first come first serve basis ) we pick the one that is a bit far from Boga lake, for safety reason. Nanti ade jugak yang berenang situ. 😅
I forgot to snap the picture of the whole interior in the tent, managed to only record it in video. U can checkout the video. They provide us with 4 towels and alot of syampoo n body bath, 5 bottle of mineral water. The smell inside the tent is not so inviting, maybe because of rainy season. Luckily pp bawak insect repellent so i spray all over the bed and tadaaa so fresh dah 😂 Ill rated 3.5/5 for the tent.
As for the toilet, its located about 200 meters from the tent. Toilet wise is clean and good, you can find hot shower and hair dryer. 

Night view at campsite. One thing that pp disappointed about the glamping is that we are not allowed to have a campfire in front of the tent (before this they allowed). Due to safety reason. What a bummer.

The theme park itself is fun and exciting. Just like sunway lagoon but smaller. We enjoy every attraction. Lili loves hippo kingdom, catopia and Petting zoo. The water-park is okay, kids enjoy much. 

Breakfast is provided at Garden Terrace. Good variety of selection. 

The underwater view of Juwita the hippo. 

Lili feeds the free roaming deer.

Lili & abah kayak after breakfast.

Both adam & ali loves the hotspring.

If u ask me, i will say its good value for money. But its highly recommended only if your kid aged 5years old and above for glamping, or atleast 110cm and above. So less hassle and less tiring 😂 Its our 2nd time at Lost world of Tambun and I can say that their park are improving every year. Definitely will come again. 


Guess who's back. Back again.

Assalamualaikum. How I miss blogging so much! Dah lame tak mengarut dalam blog and spam with lotsa pictures. Still blaming Instagram for this. hehe. its been a year since I left blogging. Its year 2015, n its February. how time flies.
okay,lets update few things happening around. including myself!
Gonna be 28 this year. eek!
Expecting baby no #2. n InshaAllah a BOY
Still a dedicated loving passionate housewife ( haha )
Part time running a join business with le sisters ; Bangs
Still living in Nusajaya, adapting so well. 
Lili will be 4 in August!
2nd year in preschool.
Still my forever favorite girl
And very talkative
okay, enough with updates. Lets story mory. Last weekend we went to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. Lovely park! and we get so lucky the weather is just nice. Tak panas sangat. Lili enjoyed the trip. Me too! okay nuff with yadaa yadaa yadaa, pictures pleaseee


Cross country weekend

Salam Maulidul Rasul dollies. Happy holiday. Just a quick update. As usual, last weekend we went to Singapore. This time we aim for haji lane road,indian rd,arab street. Its very hot but im one happy mama that day cuz i managed to buy a pair of saltwatersandals in navy! ohhh and a pair for lili too! thankyou hubby for layankan your spoiled wife. *sloppykiss* Cant wait for our USS trip next week!

Last weekend

Just a quick update on whats happening this past few days. Akim still on leave so yeah we're still on holiday mode. We had visitors last sunday (akim's friend ), with his two cute little daughter. Lili happy to have them around. We went to Puteri harbour family theme park & orchard rd Singapore.