Guess who's back. Back again.

Assalamualaikum. How I miss blogging so much! Dah lame tak mengarut dalam blog and spam with lotsa pictures. Still blaming Instagram for this. hehe. its been a year since I left blogging. Its year 2015, n its February. how time flies.
okay,lets update few things happening around. including myself!
Gonna be 28 this year. eek!
Expecting baby no #2. n InshaAllah a BOY
Still a dedicated loving passionate housewife ( haha )
Part time running a join business with le sisters ; Bangs
Still living in Nusajaya, adapting so well. 
Lili will be 4 in August!
2nd year in preschool.
Still my forever favorite girl
And very talkative
okay, enough with updates. Lets story mory. Last weekend we went to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. Lovely park! and we get so lucky the weather is just nice. Tak panas sangat. Lili enjoyed the trip. Me too! okay nuff with yadaa yadaa yadaa, pictures pleaseee


Cross country weekend

Salam Maulidul Rasul dollies. Happy holiday. Just a quick update. As usual, last weekend we went to Singapore. This time we aim for haji lane road,indian rd,arab street. Its very hot but im one happy mama that day cuz i managed to buy a pair of saltwatersandals in navy! ohhh and a pair for lili too! thankyou hubby for layankan your spoiled wife. *sloppykiss* Cant wait for our USS trip next week!

Last weekend

Just a quick update on whats happening this past few days. Akim still on leave so yeah we're still on holiday mode. We had visitors last sunday (akim's friend ), with his two cute little daughter. Lili happy to have them around. We went to Puteri harbour family theme park & orchard rd Singapore. 


Zoocation 2013

We spent our holiday at Singapore Zoo & Night Safari last week and boy that place is Rock or what! We had a great time exploring the zoo and love every bits of it. Lili of course the happiest girl on earth. I wish we can visit the zoo every year. Anyway, we stayed at Orchid Country Club as it is the nearest hotel to the zoo. Had the best zoocation ever and I hope u guys enjoy your holiday too!
This might be a lengthy post full of pictures. Lol. All I can say it is an enjoyable week to end year 2013.